Nu Cobalt Pool Salt Cell Cleaning Stand Compatible With NC T-9, NC T-15 and other salt cells

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Aftermarket Swimming Pool Salt Cell Cleaning Stand For NC T3, NC T5, NC T9 and NC T15 Cells. This cleaning stand is designed to use with common 13 plates salt cells. Make cleaning your salt cell hassle free, help maintenance to prolong the life of your cells. No longer have to submerge your salt cell in a bucket for cleaning. Cleaning instructions:

  1. Turn off filter pump and chlorinator
  2. Remove the Cell from its position in the plumbing
  3. Attach the Cell to the cleaning stand with the cable side facing up
  4. Pour in 2 parts water, 1 part acid mixture
  5. Let water/acid mixture remain in cell until foaming stops(typically 5-15 min)
  6. Carefully empty and rinse cell with fresh water
  7. Inspect cell and repeat process if necessary
  8. Re-install the cell and turn on filter pump and chlorinator

Product description

  • The Nu Cobalt Cleaning Stand is the perfect accessory to make cleaning your salt cell a breeze. The stand is compatible with all of Nu Cobalt NC T3, NC T5, NC T9 and NC T15 and other compatible replacement cells.
  • The design of Cleaning Stand is compact but big footprint provides a stable stand for salt cell cleaning. It makes cell cleaning more easy. You will save money on cleaning solution cost as it uses way less.
  • No longer have to submerge your salt cell in a bucket for cleaning . You will no longer have to fill a bucket with acid solution which can be very dangerous. Simply connect your cell to the stand and fill it with the acid/water solution. Stand straight upright and sits there until white calcium dissolved.
  • Regular maintenance can keep your salt cell healthy. Regular cleaning prevents erosion and allows for healthy flow and chlorine production.
  • O ring included for peace of mind for leak proof cleaning.
  • (Note: Hayward, Hayward Goldline, Hayward Aquarite and Viton are trademarks or registered trademarks of respective company and unrelated to Nu Cobalt. This product is not created or sold by Hayward.