Nu Cobalt NC5203 Waterjet Robotic Cleaner for Above Ground or Other Flat Bottom Pools. Floor Cleaner

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Patented jet powered waterjet pool cleaner for up to 18 ft round pool, 4ft depth, flat bottom above ground pool. It runs from a 48Watt / 15Volt power supply with 26ft power cord for a 11in cleaning path width. Light weight pool cleaner 10 lb easy to lift from the water after cleaning.

Nu Cobalt NC5203, Patented jet power driven by water jet with a light weight cleaner.

Above ground pool, size up to 18ft round, Maximum pool depth of 4ft

Perfect for cleaning flat bottom floor, It cannot clean steps, cannot do corners. Brush off dirt from steps or corners towards the pool center and this widget can do the rest of cleaning. Pick the dirt up and trap it inside its built in filter.

Build in filter: Top access; no swivel; cord length 26ft

Cleaning path: 11in


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